Significantly  quieter than conventional extractors. The BORA Extractor creates less noise than a steak being  grilled, and boasting its integrated  sound proofing




























The Bora hobs are fantastic products to specify when designing kitchens and they are perfect in islands and peninsulars as there is no longer any need to have an extractor which will block the view of an open plan kitchen or get in the way.






























High-quality materials ensure that the BORA lasts a lifetime. Any item that look like stainless steel is adding to the longevity. The HiLight and ininduction hobs are made of glass ceramic material. which is free from heavy metals




















Bora hobs are extremely easy to clean.  Just remove the top cover and grease filter, put them in the dishwasher, wipe over the hob....job done!





















With traditional overhead extractors vapours have to travel a long  way before they are caught. The BORA  innovative motor technology and flow speed  ensures all vapours are removed  almost instantly.




























By removing the need for extractor hoods and ceiling ducting you are free to design your kitchen exactly the way you want it.



BORA Basic


BORA Basic – the induction cooktop with integrated cooktop extractor – is impressive in both its exhaust air and recirculation variants. This Product of the Year 2013 (Plus X Award) is a compact introduction to the world of BORA.

BORA Classic


Anyone with clear notions of quality, design and technology will fulfil their personal cooking fantasies and achieve their dream kitchen with the BORA Classic product range. Whether surface-mounted or installed flush, the aesthetically appealing design of the individual modules will fit in to any kitchen. Equipped with smart touch control, BORA Classic accentuates the modern kitchen and stands out from the crowd.

BORA Proffesional Rev 2.0


BORA Professional is a single system comprising not only cooktops but also a cooktop extractor, duct, filter, motor and wall sleeve. A complete system from BORA. Whether a recirculation or exhaust air version is down to customer preference and where the system is installed. The new Professional can be planned as a ‘plug and play’ compact system or completely freely – meaning that BORA offers maximum freedom for all requirements and the first freely combinable system for floating worktops. This is again part of what we refer to as Revolution 2.0.

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