Miele hobs fit seamlessly into any kitchen. Engineered to deliver high quality cooking solutions for every cook and instantly responsive to demands from the lowest simmer to intense heat, they combine beauty and aesthetics with the endurance and practicality demanded by top chefs.



























Miele coffee machines have been designed to give you the confidence of a Barista in the comfort of your own home. With the opportunity to personalise each cup for every member of the family you have a reliable, high quality solution for each cup of coffee.































Fridges, fridge freezers and freezers are a vital component of each kitchen andMiele's exceptionally engineered, well built and tested machines are designed to give 15 years of service.
















Dishwashers are available in freestanding, semi and fully integrated versions that guarantee highly effective cleaning, flexible interiors and sound eco credentials. Along with Miele’s highly rated Laundry solutions they have been designed for 20 years of continuous use. These machines are durable, eco friendly, reliable and world beating.


















Baking and Steam cooking

Miele ovens offer a range of exciting features including the unique Moisture plus system, pyrolitic self-cleaning and a market leading 76 litre capacity oven. Combined with a robust build quality they guarantee a lifetime of enjoyment. Miele warming drawers add useful flexibility to the cooking process.


























Cooking vapours demand powerful, efficient and well-designed extraction systems that can be integrated into kitchen furniture or form part of the visual architecture of a room. Miele cooker hoods are easy to maintain and keep clean, and designed to deal with everything from steam to heavy grease, as well as to reduce cooking odours.



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