Unlike with an electric kettle, the only water you use with a Quooker is the water you need. No water is wasted due to over filling the kettle or by having to reheat the water if you forget you boiled the water. Due to the Quookers unique high vacuum insulation, once the water is at 110° degrees the energy consumption is is only 3 pence per day.

























The quooker comes  with the option of 4 tank sizes. £litres, 7 Litres or the favauroute the combi




























When heating water in a pan or kettle it is common to heat up more than what is actually used. The Quooker allows you to only use the water that is needed


















The quooker makes day to day life a breeze. with a less cluttered work surface you now have more room to prepare food  and drinks .



















Thousands of accidents are caused by kettles each year, many involving young children. The Quooker, on the other hand, comes with a child proof push-and-turn handle, is securely mounted to the worktop and is double-walled. As well as the tap being safe, the water comes out as a fine spray rather than a solid jet meaning a short exposure to the steam will not instantly scald.































With so many varations of Quooker styling is easy. The above is the limited edition  making itself  the centre of attention in any kitchen. There’s multiple styles and finished to choose from.



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